We are committed to good stewardship of the resources given to us and strive to responsibly reuse everything we can to reduce what goes into our landfills.  By donating to Community Threads you are preserving the resources of our community for future generations.

Clothing - World Mission

What happens to those clothes that don't quite meet the high standard that Community Threads has for the sales floor?  It doesn't go to waste.  Instead, we bag up clothes that have stains, tears, or other defects, along with shoes, belts and other accessories and sell those bags to World Mission that uses them to fund their audio Bible ministry.


We love to receive book donations.  We have a well stocked book department and are proud of the selection we have to offer. However there are books that don't sell, or are too damaged for our sales floor.  Those books are donated to local libraries, or if refused, sold to a third party, so they don't end up in a landfill. Whether the books are donated, sold in a different venue or turned into insulation, they are reused.

Linens - The Buddy Foundation

Blankets and sheets that we receive that are unfit for our sales floor are sent to the Buddy Foundation.  Buddy uses the blankets as bedding for the shelter animals that we love!






Community Threads offers a variety of programs that are aimed at giving people a place to serve others and enhance their own skills.

Community Service

Community Threads provides many individuals with a place to serve. Some are required to do so through community service hours.  We are happy to give these people a place to do that.

People with Disabilities

Community Threads aims to be a safe place for people who have disabilities, both mental and physical, to stay active and have the opportunity to contribute to others in need.  


Community Threads is a place for teenagers to come and gain real working experience.  It is a place to complete service hours needed for school programs such as National Honor Society. Volunteer hours also enhance college applications!