This is the Idea Center

We, here at Community Threads, love the idea of recycling, reusing, refinishing, repurposing, and just not throwing stuff away.  Sometimes what looks like a beat up old media cabinet, or outdated piece of art, just needs a little love to become something new and unique.  We want to help inspire you in a way that will not only save quality goods from the dump, but allow you to turn a $15 coffee table into a priceless addition to your home that reflects who you are. We also want you to be able to turn $20 into an entire wardrobe that screams style. So we welcome you to browse this blog, investigate its links, and come away with a fresh perspective on how to turn your house, apartment, condo, hut, shack, or wherever you live, into a home that is authentically you.

Posted on September 13, 2014 .