General Questions

1. What is Community Threads?

  • Community Threads brings together a network of local ministries to help the homeless and under served in our community through the operation of a nonprofit thrift store.

2. What is the mission of Community Threads?

  • The mission of Community Threads is to offer gently used merchandise at the lowest possible price in order to serve our customers and meet the needs of theunder served in our community.

3. How did Community Threads get started?

  • In response to the problem of local homelessness and poverty, a network of Christian ministries came together to meet that need through an independent nonprofit thrift store.

4.  Where do the profits of the store go?

  • Store profits become grants that benefit needy kids, the homeless, victims of abuse, addiction recovery and scholarships.  Community Threads also gives away goods that it cannot sell such as clothes, books, and linens that benefit a great variety of charities such as the Buddy Foundation.  The greater the store profits, the more support goes to education and relief programs in our community.

5. What are your store hours?

  • Monday through Friday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

  • Saturday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Closed Sunday. Community Threads encourages its customers and volunteers to rest on Sunday and attend a church service of their choice.

6. Where is the store located?

  • The store is located at 250 W Rand Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60004.


1. Can anyone volunteer?

  • If you would like to volunteer please email us at

  • or call (847) 818-1630 during store hours for details about volunteer qualifications, screening, orientation and training.

2. What will I be asked to do if I volunteer?

  • The store has many different roles for volunteers! We have a place and a family community waiting for you. We will help you choose the role that best fits you.

3. If I volunteer, will I be trained?

  • Volunteers receive specific training for each role and ongoing support when they serve.  Typical volunteers serve a weekly three hour shift on a regular basis so that the store runs smoothly . However, we will try to work with your schedule as much as possible. For example, some volunteers leave the area in the winter and we simply ask for time to plan around that.

4. What are the benefits of volunteering?

  • First, the store grant recipients will receive help because of your service. Next, store customers receive the best goods at the lowest price.  Third, volunteering provides significant help to those who rely on thrift goods to manage a meager budget and finally, you will be part of an important recycling and conservation effort by keeping used goods out of overflowing landfills.


1. When and where can I bring in my donations?

  • You can bring donations to the store anytime during regular store hours and receive a tax receipt.

2. Can I get a receipt for my donation?

  • Yes. Community Threads is a nonprofit 501c3 organization.

3. What kinds of donated goods does Community Threads need?

  • We need your good, gently used clothing, furniture and housewares.  We also take accessories, linens, books, jewelry, purses, toys, games, small appliances, electronics 5 years old or less and some working appliances.   We also take used vehicles or any kind, running or not!  Please call the store for a pick up (847) 818-1630.

4. Can Community Threads pick up donations at my home?

  • Yes, Community Threads does have the capacity to make furniture pick-ups by appointment. If you have a furniture donation, please call (847) 818-1630 to schedule that donation.

5. Are there any goods that Community Threads cannot accept?

  • Unfortunately, there are a few items we cannot accept for a variety of reasons, including safety and chemical hazards, inability to repair or clean items, product recalls or high disposal fees.

    • used fitness equipment

    • used mattresses or box springs

    • sewing machines

    • automobile parts

    • computers or monitors

    • large garden supplies

    • used medical equipment

    • light fixtures, window treatments/blinds (unless new and unopened)

    • construction supplies

    • food

    • air humidifiers

    • fire extinguishers

    • car seats, cribs

    • baby walkers on wheels

    • non-working appliances

    • non-working electronics

    • most organs and pianos (Please call ahead)

    • printers without ink, scanners without installation software

    • water beds

    • water heaters

    • explosive or flammable material

    • hazardous waste

    • non working large appliances

Exchange Policy

1. What is your exchange policy?

  • All sales are final except for electronics that, if defective, can be returned for a store credit within 48 hours with a receipt.

2. Do you buy goods or take goods on consignment?

  • We do not buy goods from the public directly nor do we take goods on consignment. Because we are a nonprofit, your donation is tax deductible.